Not All Women Are Crazy

It goes without saying if there is a windstorm in woman’s head, the man’s head is comfort with breeze. Even if there is any quarrel men used to be calm and silent while a woman is excited and nervous.

Have a look on this well-known example of the behaviour of a man and a woman (referring to

The man sipped his whyskey quietly
The woman nursed her cosmopolitan

That’s splendid, isn’t it?

Being Emotional is not being crazy.

We have reviewed several articles in phsychological websites about emotion base however, speaking about the general point of view that women are more emotional than men is under the debates as here we speak about stereotypes of Western cultures and, indeed, we used to think about that.

Do you think that craziness is a bad feature according to emotionality?
Is it bad if people express their attitude, happiness or despair within their bright emotions (special loud phrases with allegories, excited facial gesture, other motions)?
The answer is – no!

That means that emotional base of this person is healthy but people can differ with their types of character due to expressing their emotions. We know such notion as: “You can be happy and express it being quiet”. That is a choice of choleric for example. Sanguine person will choose crying out loud, the same as women used to:)

Men & Women, are they too different?

We do not mean gender differences but emotional system of both.

Another side of the difference is that women are considered to be very emotional, but the men are more than rational, that is why the union of two is so important for creating the harmony of living.
If we speak about stigma, yes, men used to feel lack of emotions to express their feelings, they cannot find the proper words but it doesn’t mean that men are less emotional, they just do not show any sypmtom.
They reflect the greatest history of stereotypes that men have to hide their emotionality while women need to show them directly and constantly. That is why we used to consider women being sensitive and men – brutal and severe. Indeed such differences are exaggerated.


Although lots of medical reviews mark the hormones a reason of women emotionality we see (referring the great reseach of (Fischer, 1993; Shields, 1987)) that women supposed to be more expressive that is why we expect them to be more emotional. Of course men are not just emotionless creatures, they really do express their feelings with emotions but they do that rarely.

Women are more vlnerable due to their hormone phase, they are more emotional because of menstrual cramping pain or because of the premenstrual syndrome.
All their actions, excitedness will show the stage of changing of emotions – she is crying very often – it is like a performance of her powerlessness and mature vulnerability. They feel weakness and their emotions are under control.
So men should understand this inpulsive behaviour, all words and actions are under control.
Pay a lot of attention to your woman, care with love and understanding. If she wants to cry – let her do that because after 5 minutes she will smile and laugh without no reason.


XV century gave us sensitivity ion full spate! Ladies fall down in a faint almost with any reason: they have seen a mouse, they felt another smell, they are afraid of army and war actions, they are impressed by a picture of a good artist, they have heard the love confession.

Sensitivity plug into social classes and is was great if a woman is of good “sensitive sence”.

Nowadays women know how to hide their feelings: they prefer to run away and to cry at home holding a pillow. This is a new skill a woman has based on the stable feminine position in politics.
As for a man – he can be sensitive with listening to sad music or watching a romantic movie or just being at home lonely.

But scientist apply all people to express their feelings if they want it. Due to our emotional state we need this balance, we need to put our feelings in order, – so hiding emotions cause many diseases in future, that is why it is so important for couples to have that harmony of supporting each other if they need to express their emotions.

Again we want to underline: the story is not about a woman being more emotional, the society gives us more information to think like that inside the box. We accept Western sex stigmas that dictate the point of view. Think more about a woman’s emotion indeed according to the current situation, we mean actual. Do not take stereotypes and do not stay blind within mass media. Just listen to your woman and take her emotionality as not a crazy state but sensitive and mature. Probably you are lucky with such a sensitive lady!

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