Beware scams from Social Media

anbieter für binäre optionen Watch this video to recognize some types of scams from the top social media. Free socials is a great way to connect with family and friends, but it’s also a great way for scammers to reach potential victims.

5 Cruel Online Dating Scams Examples

5. Indiana Woman Losing over $150,000.

partnersuche ist schwer In 2014 an Indiana woman began an online relationship with a man she thought was a local engineer named John Hagan. A month after meeting, the con artist complained of financial difficulties and began asking for money to pay his employees and to replace stolen tools. All in all, the woman wired around $150,000 to Hagan, who was actually a Nigerian named Kazeem Owonla. Owonla was eventually caught and is currently serving 36 months in prison.

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