Tips and tricks how to move on after rejection.

According to experts, the refusal of the beloved has always been and is the most tangible psychotrauma that a man experiences in his life That may happen from time to time. Moreover, the possibility is always present even in relationships that initially develop quite smoothly.

Let’s say— you met a beautiful and smart girl on a dating site, you managed to get her interested in funny photos and witty conversation in online correspondence, you had the good fortune to talk in video chat several times, and even agreed on your first date live; inspired by hope you came to see your beauty and … oops you are denied after the first date. Your lady, saying that she’s not ready for a close relationship, literally “disappears from the ether”. She does not answer your phone calls, ignores all messages. And here you are overtaken by this bitter feeling called “I was rejected”.

Having many years of experience in the field of dating, we, the UaDreams team, faced in our work both happy love stories and cases of refusal. After reviewing the profiles of Ukrainian ladies and our foreign male members we developed several useful tips for guys on how to survive rejection and move on.

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8 Best Places to Meet Women Outside of Bars and Clubs

A lot of people don’t know where to meet a girl. When we are talking about getting acquainted with the lady a lot of people remember about the bar or the night club first of all. However, where to meet women outside of bars? For sure there are a lot of places where it is possible to meet a woman. Do you have a question: where to meet women outside of bars and clubs? Here are the helpful tips and the best places where you will be able to meet your destiny.

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How to apologize to a girl

Relationships between men and women are a miracle, they are special. Women are very sensitive and attentive to the details, so you need to be careful with tiny specialties and try to avoid offending a woman. It is possible to apologize. For helping you, we have prepared 5 best advice and ways for men to solve such problems and to transfer such situations in a better way.

dating women and relationship

Understand the female soul

Firstly,  understand the reason. Some words during the conversation? Remember, whether you said something about her friends, family, or pet by accident. It could be a provocative hint about her previous relationships or marriage. Just think about your last conversation and try to understand what you’ve done. Are you still looking for the answer? Ask her friends or relatives.

Apologize to the girl in person or by letter?

What kind of situation was it? A situation when you need to apologize personally, or it was a little misunderstanding and you could simply write a short and frank message of excuse for a girl. It depends on the situation. Anyway, be a gentleman and behave with honor. If you’ve clashed during your last date – you could combine several ways of communication – text her or write a letter and ask your woman for a conversation or even on a date.

Do not forget the word “I’m sorry”

Start with the right words. Tell that you understand everything. Recognize the fact that did or said something wrong and you do understand her feelings about it. It could be something like “Sorry, it was my fault” or “I’m really sorry for my behavior on our date” or “Sorry for hurting you last time, it was rude”.

Ask questions and answer the questions of the girl

After your words of regret, start a dialogue with your girl. Ask questions and listen to her answers carefully, it’s the main point. Be patient and you need to emphasize that you understood everything properly.

Confirm your words with actions

Think ahead about what you are going to say – it’s good to make a plan. If you have something to say – use this opportunity for discussing such situations and making conclusions for the next time. Show that you are sincere and frank. You need to find another way to express your opinion, and it’s the best way to show your lady that her point of view is important for you.

So, you could see that apologizing could be simple and you could fix your relationships with any problems. If you are in the process of online dating through our website, we have several useful tips for making your apology more convincing. You could use an opportunity to buy a little gift for your girl through our website and we’ll send her your present without any prompt. A simple candy box, a cute teddy bear, or even flowers with postcards with words of regret could make a miracle. Your lady would understand that your relationships are a big value for you and forgive your insult.

Dating tips and tricks during quarantine COVID-19

COVID-19 has come to our lives and brought new reality. People were not ready for all these changes but we are getting used to them. Borders are closed but our hearts are open. Our feelings and emotions have not disappeared. These feelings and emotions are with us, they are in our hearts. We stay home and should remember about social distance but we still want to get emotions and feelings from communication, we want to kiss, to hug, and to build relationships. So here are dating tips, tricks, and ideas during quarantine COVID-19.

We are in a new reality and who knows when we will live our life again. Are you single? Would you like to find a girlfriend? That’s right but how to do this? We are here to help you with our dating tips during the quarantine. It’s possible to change a life, it’s possible to become happy, it’s more than possible to find your second half during the pandemic. This is a great chance to change your life, even though everything seems difficult at the first sight. Get used to looking for girlfriends in bars? Have you met your previous lady in the gym? Where to look for the girlfriend? That’s not a problem at all. Read our helpful tips and you’ll find out how to find a girlfriend during the pandemic, how to make you dating safe, and become happy at the same time.

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Scammers on Facebook: best advice to fend off

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks in the world, but even there you can become a victim of fraud. Facebook employees try to protect members of their website from online scam. They use spam filters and block malware users.

However a lot of scam pages post their advertisements, comment and even simple quizzes on Facebook to draw your attention in order to become your personal data etc. In this article you will find a lot of recommendations how to avoid fraud on Facebook. You will find out how to act with posts that cacth your attention or require your clicks.

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What is romance scam and how does it work?

Unfortunately, on your way to a successful dating with Russian and Ukrainian ladies through web site you could meet romance scammers. They are fraudsters who create a fake profile with fictional name, date of birth and other fake personal data.

Romance scammers could steal personal data and pictures of real people that couldn’t find such a fraud because they don’t often use internet. You need to clearly understand that you could be suffered from romance scam both in real life either via Internet as well. Let us share how to avoid romance scammers in the next article.

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Does age matter in the relationships when dating online?

tips about age in dating online
Is age important when you are dating online? A lot of people who decided to start online dating are looking for the answer for this question. You’ll never know how old could be your ideal online dating partner and whether your relationships could be successful. We analyzed all the underwater rocks if there is a difference in age between a man and a woman for a relationship, so let us introduce our survey

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A Russian woman avenged the man and got on video

In St. Petersburg, the driver of a silver sedan Chevrolet drove an annoying man on the hood. The guy tried to meet her many times and didn’t want to hear no. The video, shot by an eyewitness, was published by the newspaper The Komsomolskaya Pravda.

The incident occurred on Tuesday morning, July 2. According to the publication, a driver in St. Petersburg drove with a passenger on the hood. Their route was from the Zvezdnaya metro station along Lensovet Street to Ordzhonikidze Street. On the video it is possible to notice a dark-haired woman driving a Chevrolet Cruze and smoking a cigarette, and a man in a green T-shirt lying on the hood and looking at her through the windshield.

According to the driver, “some crazy person” was annoyingly trying to meet her, so she decided to teach him a lesson. “I was not going to kill him,” the woman said in a conversation with reporters. “I drove him very carefully.”

Having traveled about one and a half kilometers, a driver stopped at a bus stop. The stranger got off the car and went to the driver’s door to chat, but the woman left quickly.

The girl left a huge tip to the waitress for the revenge her boyfriend

In the American city Clearwater, Florida, a woman left five thousand dollars as a tip to the waitress. She took this money from her lover’s credit card because she wanted to get revenge on him. The Metro reports about this.

Serina Wolfe left a huge tip to the waitress, who was worried about the death of her beloved dog. At the same time, the lady paid for the dinner only $55.

According to the police, the girl withdrew this amount from her boyfriend’s credit card to avenge his refusal to buy a plane ticket to New York. When the man realized that five thousand dollars disappeared from the account, the man called the bank, accusing Wolfe of fraudulent activities.

The American lady was arrested and charged with stealing money. Nobody knows for sure what will happen to the money she donated to the waitress.