Scammers on Facebook: best advice to fend off

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks in the world, but even there you can become a victim of fraud. Facebook employees try to protect members of their website from online scam. They use spam filters and block malware users.

However a lot of scam pages post their advertisements, comment and even simple quizzes on Facebook to draw your attention in order to become your personal data etc. In this article you will find a lot of recommendations how to avoid fraud on Facebook. You will find out how to act with posts that cacth your attention or require your clicks.

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What is romance scam and how does it work?

Unfortunately, on your way to a successful dating with Russian and Ukrainian ladies through web site you could meet romance scammers. They are fraudsters who create a fake profile with fictional name, date of birth and other fake personal data.

Romance scammers could steal personal data and pictures of real people that couldn’t find such a fraud because they don’t often use internet. You need to clearly understand that you could be suffered from romance scam both in real life either via Internet as well. Let us share how to avoid romance scammers in the next article.

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Does age matter in the relationships when dating online?

tips about age in dating online
Is age important when you are dating online? A lot of people who decided to start online dating are looking for the answer for this question. You’ll never know how old could be your ideal online dating partner and whether your relationships could be successful. We analyzed all the underwater rocks if there is a difference in age between a man and a woman for a relationship, so let us introduce our survey

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A Russian woman avenged the man and got on video

In St. Petersburg, the driver of a silver sedan Chevrolet drove an annoying man on the hood. The guy tried to meet her many times and didn’t want to hear no. The video, shot by an eyewitness, was published by the newspaper The Komsomolskaya Pravda.

The incident occurred on Tuesday morning, July 2. According to the publication, a driver in St. Petersburg drove with a passenger on the hood. Their route was from the Zvezdnaya metro station along Lensovet Street to Ordzhonikidze Street. On the video it is possible to notice a dark-haired woman driving a Chevrolet Cruze and smoking a cigarette, and a man in a green T-shirt lying on the hood and looking at her through the windshield.

According to the driver, “some crazy person” was annoyingly trying to meet her, so she decided to teach him a lesson. “I was not going to kill him,” the woman said in a conversation with reporters. “I drove him very carefully.”

Having traveled about one and a half kilometers, a driver stopped at a bus stop. The stranger got off the car and went to the driver’s door to chat, but the woman left quickly.

The girl left a huge tip to the waitress for the revenge her boyfriend

In the American city Clearwater, Florida, a woman left five thousand dollars as a tip to the waitress. She took this money from her lover’s credit card because she wanted to get revenge on him. The Metro reports about this.

Serina Wolfe left a huge tip to the waitress, who was worried about the death of her beloved dog. At the same time, the lady paid for the dinner only $55.

According to the police, the girl withdrew this amount from her boyfriend’s credit card to avenge his refusal to buy a plane ticket to New York. When the man realized that five thousand dollars disappeared from the account, the man called the bank, accusing Wolfe of fraudulent activities.

The American lady was arrested and charged with stealing money. Nobody knows for sure what will happen to the money she donated to the waitress.

The Man Demanded Women to Write the Weight in Tinder and Regretted

The man suggested the dating app Tinder asking women to write their weight in the profile. In a post on Reddit, he wrote that he knew a lot of situations when girls tried to hide their weight before a personal meeting.

“I guarantee that they will not do anything about the women weight indication. I have friends who have been deceived with weight, ” the angry man wrote. As the user wrote he had nothing against overweight women. “They just don’t attract me. And it’s absolutely normal if I don’t attract a woman because my height which is 175 centimeters,” the man added.

But not all people supported this idea. Many users thought that in dating applications, the best solution would be to write height and weight both for men and women. “No discrimination for anyone. No complaints from anyone. And if someone lies, then this is definitely not the one who you should be together with , ”concluded one of the application users.

A man made such proposal after Tinder announced the height verification system for men. The news appeared on the April Fool’s Eve, so many users were sure that it was a joke from the developers of the application. Later Tinder confirmed that the announcement really was an April Fool’s joke.

How to find out that she has a boyfriend?

Needless to say, the guy who is looking for a girlfriend has two main problems: first, to find the right lady, and secondly and most importantly, find out if she has a husband or a boyfriend. Nobody wants to have a stupid look after you tried to charm the beautiful girl behind the bar or at the dance and suddenly found out that she is not alone. How to determine whether the lady you like has a boyfriend, or is she a single, if she does not wear a ring and no one is visible? You can be attentive to what the girl says.

Maybe she will say something like “as my boyfriend says …” or “my husband thinks that …” If this fails and there are no mutual friends to carefully find out the necessary information, or (with online acquaintance), the status of the girl is not indicated, then you will need the advice outlined in the text below. Moreover, sometimes the status in social networks is not indicative, because a girl may just want to protect herself from short-term adventure seekers.

So we are glad to offer some simple and ingenious ways, how to find out, without any particular awkwardness, whether the lady is single or not.

A way for the most fearless: ask the girl directly if she is single.

You are not a timid and capable of something like: “You are irresistible in this blue dress and, by the way, do you have a boyfriend?” Then go ahead! But be prepared to get an immediate refusal or worse hear “Oh, yes, of course! He walked away for a moment. And by the way, he is a boxer and very jealous.” Online direct questions are easier to ask, because you can be hundreds of kilometers apart. Determination is good, but there are more comfortable ways.

Tell her first about your status and expect feedback.

A good idea to say, for example: “It is so nice to go out and chat with someone … I know very few people here. Half a year ago I moved from the city of N here with my girlfriend, but something didn’t work out for us and now I try to get acquainted online. And how are you getting on?” Usually it works great, almost any girl (if she is not a secret service agent) can be called to a conversation (the same option with some variations can be used online).

Humor saves the world, yes, and in your case, too.

Approaching the lady you like, for example, you can praise the party and say: “It’s great that my friend Frank brought to this place, but here are only couples, apparently he forgot to see my status on Facebook:”the last single on this planet”. Rare girl will not appreciate your wits. If you decide to try your luck online, you can write in private that she is the only beautiful girl with an uncertain status and you would like to offer her your friendship and interesting communication.

Pretend to be wrong, speak to her:

“Hello, Linda! I am (your name) from higher school of the city N! Do you remember me? How are you? I heard you are engaged. Is that true?” If a surprised girl says that you were wrong, then tell her that she looks like your classmate, who you always liked. But for this method you need a little artistry and courage. This is a chance to find out whether this girl is single.

 What if the girl still has a boyfriend?

This situation is quite likely, so it is worth considering. And although this is a certain awkwardness for both of you, there is nothing wrong with that guy wondering whether a girl is single. In case the lady you liked has a boyfriend, be polite, the joke will always smooth out the awkwardness, smile and leave. And, in conclusion, we would like to advise you never to be afraid to ask the girl if she is a single. And one day you will be lucky and it will be exactly the lady you have always dreamed of. Perhaps you should become a member of a dating site. It’s easier to ask the notorious question online. We believe that one way or another, but you will surely find your love.

Tips about starting a conversation on dating site

If you want to find a partner for long lasted relationships, today you have much more opportunities than in the past. You don’t need to start conversation on a streets, or go to a bar or coffee shop, if you are shy and unconfident. You could register on the dating web site and fulfill an application form. After it you could start online conversation with any person you chose – the dating agency provides you an access to many profiles of Ukrainian and Russian women. So, let us tell you several useful tips for starting your successful online dating conversation in the next article.

How to start a conversation on online dating site.

If you want to start online dating conversation, let us make clear some essential points. You could use all advantages that were provided to us with the development of technical progress. So, if you want to start relationships, you could stay at home and find anybody through online dating web sites. You could choose a woman from your city or not, if you prefer to have relationships with foreigners – online dating services are definitely a good idea for you. Starting an online chat, you need to clearly understand that you need to create a perfect first impression on you and your personality. In your text messages should be a proper reflection of yourself, so, you need to follow several advices for succeed in such dating online conversation.

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Best first date food and not only

Guide to Food and Dating by UaDreams

Most probably people created holidays to gather all members of family who live far from each other, to talk, to have a good time finally. Everyday life does gives less opportunity to do this, we are busy with our duties. Thus the menkind decided to involve a food festivals and combined them with gatherings. We mean that food matters a lot in our life. We cannot imagine our existence without it, thus it is important to share your food with someone. If you want to make turn someone to your side – give him a food, if you want to have a man by your side – give him a food, a delicious food, be exact. Hence, is there any connection between relationship with men and women and their food preferences? Let’s come close to this question.

In order to see the very best result we decided to get deeper into dating romance with our food point. Therefore, over three million of singles agreed for interview. Besides we investigated over 200 000 000 introduction letters in dating profiles, obviously containing any food mentioning. This must be done for revealing any specific changes with the incoming messages, increasing or reducing the amount if a member speaks about food and uses words with food meaning. Over 600 men and women expressed their points of view about food preferences and impact on dating activity. Thus, you may read below the useful information together with some tips what to expect in 2018 for special food mentioning on a dating website, a few dating food advices and some fun as well.

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