The weird world of Russian dating: there really is something awful

For those who like entertainment, game and play, performance and cheating.

I’m having an interview with a dating model Eveline (her name was changed), we are chatting about modern influence of dating online.

This is a mainstream, right and this is a confession of hers about interests and intentions of many Russian and Ukrainian dating websites.

“You have to do almost nothing to give an interest or attract“ – she underlined – “even while staying at home”. This is a way to empower and bolster self-esteem every day: results are positive anyway as you don’t think about backwash.

We came to the topic of her last meeting with the man, she explained they met on BeHappy2Day. Her response was sincere and calm, she even confused with the simplicity of her response.

We started to discuss her last real date with the man, they were communicating in social network and while telling me this I notices she was curious with her sudden attitude with specification: “People have a few information on their dating profiles that explains the least about them. However social accouns attract with notes, interests, topic that member has and etc. You see photos, videos, posts and jokes, you analyze. This is more to know a person.”

You are surely be totally confused with social networks with the role of dating website and on the contrary.

If we take the year of 2012 dating industry got more than £165 million. But what is interesting, in 2014 technical era performed internet technologies what increased profit of all dating websites through all over the world. We cannot even tell you the exact amount of couples who met online and Boston University discovered that there is about 20% of couples created online with happy endings unlike those who preferred meeting alive.

To specify this point we distinguished several Russian and Ukrainian dating websites to open a shocking details of dating industry. Actually we sort all of them into categories: Ordinary, Extra-Ordinary, Weird and Abusive.

Here is the latest list of modern Russian dating websites:

  • A Foreign Affair
  • AnastasiaDate
  • BeHappy2Day
  • Charming Brides
  • CuteOnly
  • Elena’s Models
  • Foreign Women
  • International Cupid
  • Lovers Planet
  • RomaniaKiss
  • Ukraine Date


Numerous and the largest ones. Thousands of users however just a few information in profiles. You may know almost nothing about the person you are going to communicate. Websites introduce large interface with services systems but it is difficult to sort any categories of people you can be interested from all members.

So what you see is just general descriptions like: “I’m fond of cooking and movies”, “ I like reading and travelling”. Everyone does. You can find hundreds of people who love their family and relatives, they have sisters and cousins, they have bikes and like walking and etc. So like many others but nothing special.

Besides you may see great list of options to find a person due to categories, such options find people who match each other as well. On one hand – this is rather convenient and easy, on another – a kind of a suspicious game – you will never know how the automatic system works.

Right now we would like you to read some words about one agency more specifically to understand the variety of websites this industry has. is one of the biggest Ukrainian dating website that sell their intermediation and we must say not very cheap. Indeed we tried to uncover what is interesting here and found that there are still members who are looking for their beloved for years, interesting, isn’t it? Men being membersa for 2-3 years still keep their profiles after dating with someone: what is this – a safety wire for a future unsuccessful match? Or like trying for eternity by making relationships with each new girls and breaking up later.

That means they have everything for matchmaking properly but somehow they keep those people that cannot find someone. Probably they use methods to manupulate on mental level or they attract with some pleasant offers and single fresh ladies to communicate.

Actually, we feel doubt with this dating approach, is this for good how do you think?


This category of websites can separate yolks from the whites. For example, you choose the appropriate one due to the interests, status, age and etc. Like single mothers or fathers, divorced and others.

This is very convenient for those who like to find new communication and they know for sure that it would be interesting to lead the conversation. Some of them claim for hookah lovers, another ones – swing dancing or sea food fans, or Hearthstone game and so and so forth.


Special and outstanding websites that have the interest in their priority. For example, freaks lovers or dogs lovers, they are to be considered as dating sites in spite you may sort them out just as a network for entertainment. Chickenpox saffered people can gather together and dating as well, so never be surprised with such offer.


An irritating thing we remember – abnormal quantity of advertisement and pop-up windows with extremely cheap opportunity to chat with a new girl right now. They do not indicate the price first, but if you try and talk, you will receive great bill for your credit card.

Dating sites can disturb you with travelling offers, or head count articles for service improvement, long questionnaire with lots of silly questions or too boring registration.

The most intrigued websites are those who ask any personal information for billing. Be careful for giving such a private data, you are about to be scammed.

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