Dangerous Dating Apps: What to Wait?

We are a very happy generation with our Android apps, and you can do nothing but picking the appropriate button and your first date is ready to face! Dating via your mobile is the nicest decision nowadays however its technical future is not so shiny and merry as it seemed from the start.

Mobile apps user can be definitely a victim for hackers to “offer” his data be stolen easily (we do not mention iOS). Still many dating agencies are not able to provide their members with proper security.

Referring to the analysis of IBM Security that checked the most famous dating apps on Android platforms, they discovered about 60% of them being dangerous for hacker attacts. It certainly means that all personal information of their members are under the risk.

Speaking more specifically we underline that such additional options like using media storage, video camera and microphone, what is more to point out – GPS location and billing data for webmoney payment for example – this is more than necessary for today’s hacker to steal for their profit. Note, that according to these simple services your smartphone has – your online dating app is like a conductor.

IBM also mentioned that in average more than 50% companies use dating mobile apps that get allowed to their business information. But we are glad to inform you that there is one good hope to resolve this problem: each new app simplify the registration and usage so there is no need to paste private information and have it under the risk.

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