Scamalytics Is A New Arms Against Dating Scam

Celebrities complain for their personal data to be stolen and used on some dating websites, indeed this is one of the most ridiculous thing the dating scammers do.
However we would like you to know some facts about Scamalytics ( This is a program that offers dating websites to defend their lives from being abused and scammed, a kind of adviced control of scam artists to appear.

By this approach users of any dating website will be able to feel safe from scam tricks and be sure in transparent dating business of the complany they trust.

Today Scamalytics shows their methods of increasing the identity any scam vector on such websites where you may have a risk of communication.

First of all what exactly this program does:

  1. It investigates the behavior of scam artist and analyze his manipulations. In spite they try to act different they still have some similar schemes that the program denotes.
  2. Variety of effective tests, including primary or any profile photos, IP address, personal information of user, place of registration and the country indicated matching, data devices and etc.
  3. False profiles reduction, as each possible fake profile is to be verified twice not automatically but manually.
  4. Brief explanatory text for pointing a potential scammer.
  5. Members actions analyzing.

Dan Winchester, co-founder at Scamalytics underlined that their company as an anti-fraud one, had an obligatory function to analyze all information that is concerned. next stage for their development is analyzing pictures as that has been giving more results each day and even prevents scam profiles to appear on dating website. So that by detecting scammers with their photos gives the chances to sop them to register.

International dating websites with good reputation have strong defensive system and they support the idea of preventing scam profiles on their website by their active position. And therefore this helps a lot for Scamalytics to improve their program to be profitable and effective for website members as well.

We want to distinguish the phrase “good reputation” as usually many websites do almost nothing to protect their members, they just collect profiles for the quantity however the quality gives huge run down.

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