Do Not Even Think About Sending Money

This is a simple advice for all men from abroad who are potential scam victims.

You know, regularly we receive typical story about a man who was tricked on $5-7-10 thousand dollars. All of them have been trying their relationship with a woman from Russia and Ukraine. The scheme is as follows: they start their at first romantic and then sincere and trustful relationship, but lately they send money being in love and embarrassed with lovers problem, as true helping hand. But as soon as some different and unusual things appear they cause suspicious feelings what makes them pause with money sending, thereafter a woman disappears. If a man tries to get in touch with her – he cannot even find a contact. Of course, they have never met each other in real life.

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It’s rather to be sorry to these guys as well as take out a mortgage to buy an apartment.

No one is pushing these men from paying credits to speak with an old ugly man as no one gives a guarantee that your sweet beloved is not him). And no one would help except specifying strictly how the system works, and it’s your turn to believe and to scroll down with reading or just to close the page.

Have a look with Google search and final result would show you properly how many dating sites are scam machines in Russia, all referred examples introduce real scam.


Some online books about sex and love online tell you that sex hungry men would do anything to jump in bed with a woman, and more than anything if this woman is from Russia, Ukraine or Belarus.

Modern woman is so emancipated and modern man puts up with all their behavior today. If to compare with last century, imagine what a man should do with a woman of behavior like a fanciful child. Men do not resist such effect but rather offer a gift to please again and this process is endless.

Yes, people, we speak about American men who took the direction to the East and surf through online romance over there trying over all those heartbroken strategy named scam.

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If we take one simple example of exchanging offers – sex-tourism – there is sex for money but online dating gives no variants for changing. American man forwards lots of money to his Russian fiancee somewhere far but has nothing left but cry and report to the police about being tricked.

Las Vegas would be less expensive for him I think.

Now let’s point out legitimate woman among all ones you’re communicating to.

Few Simple Tips:

Meet in real. If you don’t, supposedly she is a fake.

“Well, I know her very well we text each other every day| send messages | call| underline the necessary point. Remember: if you have never met her dog and mother, if you have never touched your girl, you just don’t have her. You should date, go for dinner, speak to parents, watch movies, dancing and even making love – so there is a strict example that your girl is real. If not – she isn’t.

If she never asks for money – she is real. If your good girl gave you a hint about some financial help – run away, she is not real.

Do you know what’s pride for Russian women? They do not down with asking money as a help for living. That’s true. Actually the conclusion is like this: women do not ask for money, but scammers do ask! Or the scheme is regular: you marry, than she is extracting money all the way on and more after the divorce.

So what need Russian or Ukrainian women? Romance, flowers, family, flame. As you see the word “money” is excluded.

Don’t be stupid, keep in mind that any woman who is asking for money online is not real.

The signs of her body.

Women need the feeling of being loved, kissed, touched, pleased. Body closeness is important and if woman gives an irritation back to you instead of affection and obsession to be together – run away but not walk with looking for a door exit. She does listen to you carefully, she is interested in details, she does reply to questions concerning some details you’ve told before – she is real.

If she is interested in trip documents, visa charges, ticket booking ONLY – this woman isn’t real. It’s not your relationship, you have a deal with hidden scam. She may act like a real woman being in you somehow but not for a long, believe me, performance will last not so long as people cannot pretend all the time, somehow she will be tired of this kind of a circus.

So what we have briefly as a conclusion:

  1. Insist on meeting her in real life
  2. Never try to send any money
  3. Examine and read body signs

If all those tips above helped you and you are happy to claim that this is your real relationship and you are going to be in a relationship status soon, but something bothers you like a kind of suspicious thing, that can be only excited feelings. Or you have your intuition turned on. Probably you should pay attention to it.

Anyway all mentioned above is enough to verify and screen your girl right before the meeting, but you shouldn’t postpone or delay your real meeting. Your hometask would be checking her whole profile with photos and details, IP address and if still you haven’t done that go ahead and try to do that asap.

The more serious intentions are the more serious involving of your to her life must be. So if you are together it’s worth for getting acquainted with her family, to know parents better and all her background. You have to be sure, you have to feel certainty in full, no doubts must be taken for building up a future with a foreign woman. She must be legitimate. No risk. No blackmails. No scam. You spend some time with verification but thanks to this you’ll get your future be happy without modern dating online disease. Or you are a creepy rich piece?

Never give up searching your beloved and do not be desperate with the first misfortune. This makes you stronger, wiser and smarter. Your other half should be worth for being with you and conversely.

Use your brain and think twice if you have a deal with dating online business, your bravery, pride and security would be yours if you read these notes and advises carefully.

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