How to find out that she has a boyfriend?

Needless to say, the guy who is looking for a girlfriend has two main problems: first, to find the right lady, and secondly and most importantly, find out if she has a husband or a boyfriend. Nobody wants to have a stupid look after you tried to charm the beautiful girl behind the bar or at the dance and suddenly found out that she is not alone. How to determine whether the lady you like has a boyfriend, or is she a single, if she does not wear a ring and no one is visible? You can be attentive to what the girl says.

Maybe she will say something like “as my boyfriend says …” or “my husband thinks that …” If this fails and there are no mutual friends to carefully find out the necessary information, or (with online acquaintance), the status of the girl is not indicated, then you will need the advice outlined in the text below. Moreover, sometimes the status in social networks is not indicative, because a girl may just want to protect herself from short-term adventure seekers.

So we are glad to offer some simple and ingenious ways, how to find out, without any particular awkwardness, whether the lady is single or not.

A way for the most fearless: ask the girl directly if she is single.

You are not a timid and capable of something like: “You are irresistible in this blue dress and, by the way, do you have a boyfriend?” Then go ahead! But be prepared to get an immediate refusal or worse hear “Oh, yes, of course! He walked away for a moment. And by the way, he is a boxer and very jealous.” Online direct questions are easier to ask, because you can be hundreds of kilometers apart. Determination is good, but there are more comfortable ways.

Tell her first about your status and expect feedback.

A good idea to say, for example: “It is so nice to go out and chat with someone … I know very few people here. Half a year ago I moved from the city of N here with my girlfriend, but something didn’t work out for us and now I try to get acquainted online. And how are you getting on?” Usually it works great, almost any girl (if she is not a secret service agent) can be called to a conversation (the same option with some variations can be used online).

Humor saves the world, yes, and in your case, too.

Approaching the lady you like, for example, you can praise the party and say: “It’s great that my friend Frank brought to this place, but here are only couples, apparently he forgot to see my status on Facebook:”the last single on this planet”. Rare girl will not appreciate your wits. If you decide to try your luck online, you can write in private that she is the only beautiful girl with an uncertain status and you would like to offer her your friendship and interesting communication.

Pretend to be wrong, speak to her:

“Hello, Linda! I am (your name) from higher school of the city N! Do you remember me? How are you? I heard you are engaged. Is that true?” If a surprised girl says that you were wrong, then tell her that she looks like your classmate, who you always liked. But for this method you need a little artistry and courage. This is a chance to find out whether this girl is single.

 What if the girl still has a boyfriend?

This situation is quite likely, so it is worth considering. And although this is a certain awkwardness for both of you, there is nothing wrong with that guy wondering whether a girl is single. In case the lady you liked has a boyfriend, be polite, the joke will always smooth out the awkwardness, smile and leave. And, in conclusion, we would like to advise you never to be afraid to ask the girl if she is a single. And one day you will be lucky and it will be exactly the lady you have always dreamed of. Perhaps you should become a member of a dating site. It’s easier to ask the notorious question online. We believe that one way or another, but you will surely find your love.