A Russian woman avenged the man and got on video

In St. Petersburg, the driver of a silver sedan Chevrolet drove an annoying man on the hood. The guy tried to meet her many times and didn’t want to hear no. The video, shot by an eyewitness, was published by the newspaper The Komsomolskaya Pravda.

The incident occurred on Tuesday morning, July 2. According to the publication, a driver in St. Petersburg drove with a passenger on the hood. Their route was from the Zvezdnaya metro station along Lensovet Street to Ordzhonikidze Street. On the video it is possible to notice a dark-haired woman driving a Chevrolet Cruze and smoking a cigarette, and a man in a green T-shirt lying on the hood and looking at her through the windshield.

According to the driver, “some crazy person” was annoyingly trying to meet her, so she decided to teach him a lesson. “I was not going to kill him,” the woman said in a conversation with reporters. “I drove him very carefully.”

Having traveled about one and a half kilometers, a driver stopped at a bus stop. The stranger got off the car and went to the driver’s door to chat, but the woman left quickly.