Tips and tricks how to move on after rejection.

According to experts, the refusal of the beloved has always been and is the most tangible psychotrauma that a man experiences in his life That may happen from time to time. Moreover, the possibility is always present even in relationships that initially develop quite smoothly.

Let’s say— you met a beautiful and smart girl on a dating site, you managed to get her interested in funny photos and witty conversation in online correspondence, you had the good fortune to talk in video chat several times, and even agreed on your first date live; inspired by hope you came to see your beauty and … oops you are denied after the first date. Your lady, saying that she’s not ready for a close relationship, literally “disappears from the ether”. She does not answer your phone calls, ignores all messages. And here you are overtaken by this bitter feeling called “I was rejected”.

Having many years of experience in the field of dating, we, the UaDreams team, faced in our work both happy love stories and cases of refusal. After reviewing the profiles of Ukrainian ladies and our foreign male members we developed several useful tips for guys on how to survive rejection and move on.

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