5 Things Girls Think You Lie About on Your Dating

If you ask what what girls rate highly in relationship all of them will respond you: honesty, trust and sincerity. People whos relationship based on trust will have wonderful common life together if they match each other.

The same thing you may say about online dating and your profile, for example. If you packed it with false information – just forget about healthy relationship with girls – their intuition and dialogue skill will impress you with the ability to know everything about you even if you marked nothing. She will not trust you any more and you will be able to spend lots of days to confirm if you’re mistaken and intend to be honest. You will convince her with arguments but the doubt is already in the root and will interfer in your relationship.

Indeed we would like to talk about other things, we mean things that usually girls consider sensitive and squeamish, actually what men used to lie about when dating.


Men, internet users, single persons who want to find their beloved more than everything in life can resort to a skillful subterfuge about their look.

For example, our case is using non-fresh photo in a profile of the dating website. This is a common lie among others. Very often men use the photos as primary of the oldest times, when they were handsome and they were proud of their appearance.

They were more attractive with less weight and more hair, besides their smile was fresh and white with strong and healthy teeth. But they avoid the problem when the face to it: when the meeting will take place and the girlfriend will see the real appearance, that means, for example, 20 years older than the photo has. Girl will have a chock but not with your look but with the manner you’ve hidden the truth.

That is why you must understand that when you are communicating with a woman, she will definitely estimate your real age and appearance that depends on your attitude to her. If you are a lier, she will run away as oon as possible.

Be honest with yourself first of all. And respect the trust of others, this is the main point how to make a girl rely on you.


As a rule men look older than they are, and, what is more they intend to look older than their exact age under 45. They want to seem adult, when they are 25 and mature and smart enough to make an impression of busy and successful man with huge life experience and enormous quantity of skills.

So when your girl is asking about yoyur age, it is better for you to tell the truth, otherwise she will guess in another way when you fail with some business or knowledge.

Bad habits.

Men are sensitive and vulnerable and what is more it is difficult for them to confess and to accept their disadantages and drawbacks. They manage to struggle with them but never accept. So it is better and easier for them to hide all their bad habits like smoking (lots of women hate the smell of the breath and clothes)

Indeed men are afraid one day to come when all the truth will be uncovered and all their disadvantages will be eliminated at once. Yes, it is uneasy to confess about such a disgusting thing, but the more you keep silence about that the harder will be the situation when your date will know everything from someone but not you. The effect will be terrible.

You should understand that it is better to confess and to work the problem out than make it hidden and be afraid of the result. It is better to be weak with this problem but strong to accept disadvantages and share with them.
Marital status

Men are alwasy single! Always! This is a rule of a masculine, a conqueror. Man is on a permanent search of a woman who is ready to keep the roots with him. He is ready to find someone better and, in fact, he thinks that he will find someone better than he has now.
That is why men used to hide their marital status rather than confess.

However nowadays we see the tendency of indicating their status as a married man on the profiles of dating agencies. Such men show it openly and directly. They are married but single; they keep searching for a friend or just temporary sex adventure.

So your status is very important to post, but be sincere. This will influence on your future relationship with someone really good and probably hiding the truth is unfair.

How successful you are.

Perfect business is a dream for each man. A childhood give stigmas of a man defender, strong and stubborn to achieve goals, then serious education and work plans, fails and success. What is more, his business status is everything for him, that is why men used to envelope their job position into bright and successful epithets of untruthful facts.

We can call that as “misrepresenting”. That means a man is not ready to be someone he is sure to be. Therefore, he prefers to hide the status of his financial position and show the image of a happy successful businessperson.

We do not advise you to be embarrassed with your job if you want to communicate with a woman. Or you can resolve your job status first and then start with creating a family. Or if you are smart enough, it is better to confess and be honest with your date, she is worth for it. If she is ready to accept this period of yours right now, you will be happy together. O take this point as a challenge.

As a conclusion we want to add that it is not important what you say or what you do not say. It is important what are you and who are you. Being yourself means taking a responsibility and accepting yourself a personality and women understand that. If you are confident enough, you will understand what we mentioned above, if not – you are not ready to denote what exactly you want.

And as a final point we want to add: just imagine that you read a profile of a woman you got interested with and many fact of hers is not a true. Does it sound cruel? We think no, as anyone makes a decision to paste everything they want and be any person they what to be in a profile but not in life.

You have to know that it doesn’t matter how do you look, how old your body is, how thick is your hair or how many teeth you have left, this is your current life vision and your life position feeling. If you misrepresent yourself – that won’t be you at all.

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