How to Get a Girlfriend via Lazy Man’s Guide

HiEach mature and smart guy intends to have sweet and special lady next to him, it is better to see her every day, when you are back from work after the hardest day of your life. It is even better when you wake up and see her face and having breakfast together. It is better when she wishes you to have a good day and kisses you. But why this is not happening with you? Why are you still alone, sitting on the sofa with your regular beer and just dreaming like a shy teen?

Regular problem for a nice guy to know the best solution how fast and smart to pick the girl. Is it possible to have her, a sweet young lady near to you?


We know for some reason that nowadays boys forget about their confidence and become anxious regarding the feeling point. What does it mean? They really are afraid to show their emotions to confess. Indeed naturally boys are almost wordless if it takes to love affairs. Since girls like to talk so much and this is the way of ease contact. That is why guys need to have several systems to help them to win the heart of some sweet lady. To cut a long story short, guys are lucky with the simple possibilities to use steps and advises according to their aims. Never forget to be yourself so your lady will love you exactly but not that strange guy you pretend to be. Be honest and be interested.

We talked about confidence previously, and we want you to pay attention to this fact as ladies find this very sexy. If you take this challenge to be accepted you take a responsibility to be confident and then this approach to find a girlfriend will be successful. Take under control your feelings and the situation itself and remember that it is important in the play of relationships. The role of a confident man is more important than several additional rules, women estimate this.

Why Lazy? Because it is effectively.

Please have a look on a list below:

  • bar
  • work
  • hobby
  • dating online
  • sport
  • poker, online gambling
  • travelling, sex-tourism
  • clubs speed-dating

All these ways are very popular among single men to get entertained. They distinguish one of the laziests – Dating online.

Dating online. This is a special way to save your precious time. You will never be guilty with work dating and simple strategies with girls around you, because gossip is something you don’t need, right? And in case you fail with one girl – another one will know about. So distant communication is a common way to find someone far from you but in the same city for example.

Dating in the workplace or at home.

Indeed this is the laziest thing you can do with the girl search nowadays. Modern internet technologies gave us the possibility to be vulnerable but to stay in a comfort zone and keep communicating with no shame feelings or making doubt things.

So, workplace or home?

Here there are some predictable thoughts regarding communicating on a distance with someone invisible for you but this is a subject of a separate issue we won’t touch it right now.
If we take workplace, we denote many seduction points: beautiful colleagues walking by, they are in the same building in the same office or may be separate department, however you may know them perfectly. But the other side of the coin is the backwash and effects. We have already mentioned the gossip spreading, this is normal around women surrounding and wait for a few days only and you will have the reputation of the worst lover ever (in case your date will come a cropper). Or you will be one of the most famous person in the company if you take a reputation of Lady’s Man or a Lovelace!

That is why you may use your perfect home space for dating! No-no-no. You will not invite all your girls to home directly on your first date. You will use international dating websites for entertainment or even for creating a family or just for serious and desirably stable relationships.

Only make good profile.

To get attention to your personality is even more easier as you may guess. First of all you may find the most appropriate dating agency for you and register. For example, has free registration and you may try to figure out if it is good for you.

Then it is necessary to compose good profile to been seen as a fresh one, so abnormal attention will be expected of course. Actually due to rating of newcomers their profiles are to be eliminated for several days as the most popular. This is a chance for all ladies to know that you are here and you are waiting for letters to be sent. Or their profiles to be watched by you as well.

Let us explain how to compose your profile correctly.

  1. Photo. Your primary one, it has to be good, clear picture of a happy and smiley face of a successful man. You may use professional photographer service or some device you have and make them by yourself, whatever. Anyway all other photos you will send to a lady should be the same quality and style. Remember, your primary photo is the first impression you will never make the first again. But the next photos will be a proof of the reality. Sometimes men forget about their other private photos and women notice big difference of the quality, that is why some nuances in appearance frighten them. What is more, very often scammers use fake photos as a primary as well. So it is better to have all your photos in order.
  2. Paste the information about yourself: special and extraordinary interests and hobby (be unusual), aims and goals (be sincere), favourite music and movie (be romantic and sensual, women adore men with good taste), countries you wish to travel (be inspired together with a girl).
  3. Never give full information about yourself, just leave more to motivate to ask you about (!). This is a trick for girls to get interested and the topics for further letters to write. You will have them on the hook with endless phrases in a profile, leave the food for reflection.
  4. Never give your private information (home address, email address, credit card number or phone number), this is a subject for scammers only (!). You may give if necessary after your meeting with a girl on a private manner. And real women will never ask about, she will wait for your actions and motivations.

Invite women to communicate.

We will describe you some points of to be prepared for getting a girlfriend for a meeting in a lazy manner.

  1. Your breath, hair-cut, odor, look. Here you need to be cautions as women never will tell you about how unimportant the appearance is for them.
  2. Social surround. This is a constant proof of your status, there are so many gorgeous people around you, girls, successful men with effective business. This will give the estimation of a man wanted, desired.
  3.  Looking good. Always. And online as well. Remember: one day you meet and she will understand that there is a difference between you through the webcam and you outdoors, near her. This is one side, but another one is the fact you will never be special if you be one of the million single men who are interested in online dating and do nothing with their image and look. Looking good is not a way you see your appearance but your representation of the conversation and talk manner, attentiveness to the details and facts, ability to be romantic and constancy to purpose.
  4. Having a list of place where to go. You need to have a plan as well as scheme of trip and places to visit. Even if it is one only cafe or restaurant or a movie – you need to know the exact coordinates.
  5. Being proactive. You have to ask for the next date. You need to be stubborn, calm and confident in your question, giving no time to think it over. This is a maneuver many women reject at first but they adore this they confess. Keep it in mind!
  6. Be romantic. Still you will be out of modern times. You will be on the top. Women adore romantic mature adult men. What does it mean? It is better to remind you about flowers! One or three or a bouquet of roses or orchids in a pot will signify more than some words if you find nothing to say.However we recommend you to be original with flowers as well as words, typical kinds of flowers are good by their traditional acception but you may wonder your lady with your extraordinary choice and colour.
  7. Make compliments. Even with your first letter you have to show your understanding the big difference between a man and a woman, for example, woman likes compliments and “feel the feelings”, she likes to taste the emotions connected with the words and phrases.
  8. Gifts. This is a separate point. You will never know when it is time for some presents. You are afraid for them to be early or too late when for example she was the first with a surprize for you. Shame on you! That is your easiest way to catch her attention: make a gift even the smallest one to wonder her and you will be more than satisfied with the effect! The simplest way – to represent a small box of sweets (kinds of chocolate) or candies or dry fruits in sweet dressing. A movie ticket, theater ticket, park ticket is very romantic variant as well. Girl will be pleased with the emotions!
  9. Video chat. A modern way of interactive communication nowadays. There is an image and a window for a text. So you paste a phrase and see the immediate reaction of your girl. Great opportunity to see how fast your relationship are moving, due to this you are able to know each other better and see in real life soon or just understand that both of you are quite different and there is no need to continue wasting a time.
  10. Your status. Be proud of whatever you do. You have to love your job and money you earn. It doesn’t matter how much. You don’t have to name the sum of money. But you have to show your girl the role of a getter, you need to show that you know what you do, any kind of your job position. This is your conscious choice and you respect it. So she will feel that and will respect it too. Women feel and denote the diffidence, so if you feel that the conversation about your job is dangerous, never mention about it and try to change the topic.

Flirting increases your chance to boost your position of a male. You have to show to a girl that you are interested in flirting with her. Public places will help you to make your performance social and vivid, she will estimate and appreciate such confession. Girls adore demonstration of being in need.

But! If you decide to be an actor – this will be a huuuge mistake! Keep in mind, being sincere, confident and honest will bring much success to you. Women are sensitive and will never forgive the opposite side. Your date will fail epicly. And.. after your first date next purpose (we have mentioned this previously but we want to underline again) is to ask for a second one. Do not forget to express your feelings about the day, the evening, how wonderful they were and how pleased you were, remind some details that impressed you a lot and make some compliments about her look and smile. All small but good things told at the end of a conversation are to be remembered perfectly. So this will be a motivation for your girl to see you again!

If a girl will have a lot of information about you – she will think you you definitely. The main point is to be natural and to leave some topics untold, to have more private details closed for the first date.

Anyway, we hope that you received lots of advices how to get a girlfriend. Being satisfied with various positions you may choose your own way of searching. There is no guarantees about the terms but there is a guarantee about the result. Nothing you do – nothing you receive:)

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