7 Things She’s Thinking But Won’t Say Out Loud

Very often men could dare think about what things women are afraid to confess. Sexist are out of this article. We give some advices how to help men to understand women just to save their relationships. You should know that there are things that make women feel uncomfortable, imperfect or shy. And sometimes they just avoid talking about that due to some personal reasons. Let’s investigate what exactly they are afraid to speak loud with you and why.

The truth can be cruel if for example we touch the bed topic. Sometimes its is even harded for girls to say “I don’t like this way” and just be patient and say nothing instead. There are some questions they turn in their head for days and months, the snowball becomes bigger but poor men do not even guess about that!

So we wonder why? Why women makes a decision to keep their questions unput. Why she chooses the passive position and tends to negative thoughts? Why she makes her daily life complicated with new problems and what is the solution?

Now we need our dearest men to handle with it and to bring the harmony to their relationships, to make them stable and passionate. To keep the couple as friends and lovers.

Your mother really scares me.

First thing women think about you is who is your closest person, in particular, your mother.

Indeed each woman knows that this is a contact important and prohibited to avoid traditionally. Actually a mother is that person who has been giving advices for years and whom a man respects most of all and, probably, she is the one woman whoes life experience is appreciated. So if the first look, first impression, first action, first word and voice intonation did not work out with your mom, your girlfriend will be afraid till the end of her life. Your mother is like a special figure of the Universe who has a cosmic power to influence to relationships, to interfere or according to stigma models – to ruin them by endless advices.

Girls tend to believe that your mother is on your side and never will accept her as your girlfriend or – who knows – may be a future wife. That is why you need to understand that each girl subconsciously will be thinking about with fear, she will respect your mother imagining her a holy terror even if you think this is not about your mother.

Modern relathionships dictate some changes, moms understand that they took the same position when they had relationships with your father! That is why many mothers understand that they need to change their behaviour according to your choice, they may accept your girlfriend and be friendly or even close.

So remember: your girlfriend will be afraid to get aqcuainted with your mother, yes. But indeed what you should do is to calm her down and help both women to get in touch properly, therefore your mom will be happy to see such a good lady next to you and your beloved will be in safe.

I’m not sure about my body look

Woman’s body is the taboo for conversations and the most desired topic for compliments. You can do nothing with this absurd position however that man who knows what to say and when is genious! Anyway there is a notion that women are doubt about their look ALL THE TIME. They are more than critical to their body, appearance, they think about perfect ultimate size of the organs and about the balance of proportions.

That is why they need your attitude to be honest, serious and will all purest love. If you say she is beautiful, you have to say this decisively and your phrase sounds like beyond the reasonable doubt. Afterwards she will not tribulate yourself with hundreds of questions if you lied to her.

Remember: women doubt even when you are honest. This is their extraordinary logic. So be romantic with your glance and look, voice and phrases. Your sincerest words have to smooth her and please her. Make her happy with your thoughts about her said out loud.

I’m not sure where I want to be tomorrow.

Certainly women tend to think over about their place and life position. Romantic part plays a great role in their consciousness, that is why they search for a place of living all the time. And her thought about the home she hasn’t found yet shouldn’t frighten you, this is a normal thing.

A process of finding may take a years, but still that can be thoughts only. What about you in this situations? You need to accept this and help her to feel the home just around you. It doesn’t matter which city or country both of you live. Your house, appartment, – doesn’t matter small or big, just a home – should be a home for her, a fortress of defense, a cosy and native place to feel safe and relaxed. This is a territory of comfort.

Supposedly she does not mean having a family right now, or any other job position or hobby, or being single or in relationship. Probably she such a feeling covers her when she is in doubt about the day after waking up.

The place with positive emotions will be a place where she will always tend to come back and never leave. Why should we leave that place that makes us happy?

I have doubts about us.

Being doubtless is about a man. They take all thiing is a simple way: they accept or reject the life line with barriers and difficulties. They can take the problem, resolve it or just let it pass by or let someone do that. But we never say this about a woman. Their brain tend to switch off and all feelings begin to interfere into all business. It is hard to accept if you have thought disorder:)
Now we will tell you a funny story about one sweet and young girl.

While you are working hard at work, she is sitting at home and thinking, and thinking a lot for hours about vital national interests and making conlcusions. She got some ideas about your relationships, about what type it got now and you need to talk immediately about. The end:)

This is how it usually works.

The whle problem takes more thean one passage of article and lots of psychologysts still pich the proper way to simplify woman’s life position. They used to see a relationship as a complex image with many disadvantages need to develop. Indeed any woman intends to distinguish several stages of relationships with a man. It comes naturally and history gives us the examples how families used to be created. Then, our grannies tell us long stories and plans how usually relationship goes, what you should do and what you should expect as unpreventable. Therefore, next who give advices is a mother who cares and who loves her child with all her responsibility for her destiny. No wonder why each woman has a strict plan and sometimes she thinks that there is a special denoted period for each stage of relashionship and offset is a quite exceptional case. The system is like that, if you are out of plan – so there is something wrong with the couple and their relations.
All you need is to accept her great wish to talk but all SHE needs is your confirmation that everything is all right and all her doubts are just HER doubst and stigmatization.

Scared to show passion.

By no means we consider sex as one of the most important thing in our life, it makes each relationship more romantic. We do not know any couple in particular who has a long term relationships without having a good sex otherwise they just break up as soon as possible. Often women suspect men that they do not accept them as sexual beings and feel no need to show their sexual desire.
So we notcie the resul of this – big fear to show their passion to her man.

If a woman scares to show her passion – dig deeply in her sex-experience. Probably there was a man who showed her a bad side of a coin.

Suddenly such sexual problems will cause the hole in your relationships and it will be much harder to resolve them in future. Pleading the baby act.

Sometimes just being afraid to show her unexperience, woman pretend to be a vamp-girl and her game is like an overperformance. And afterwards a man would definitely tell her something abiut that so a woman doesn’t know how to behave.

Let’s see another variant. Supposedly women guess that men used to watch porno and see some interesting positions and things, so she just refuses to accept that and rejects her ability to try it. And to be unworthy. Indeed porn is good for camera but not many understand that it is non-easy for people whom is hard to participate, for women. What is more, many things are just a scenario but this is a limitation from the real life.

So first of all what you should do is to hold a conversation with your woman about her wishes, likes, priorities and past sexual experience. You need to be patient and tender and let her know that you accept her vision and of course you will like all experiments if both of you are interested.

Never act in an opposite way otherwise you will receive cold genital act instead of the whole body passion challenge.

Is he a good lover.

“Men used to think about sex permanently and that’s all they want” is a stigma. For instance, men are sexually more relaxed and they are ready and easy to be erected. Physically they have nothing to do with that, it comes naturally.

Indeed women, after 30 age barrier feel the growth of their sexual desires and demands. Their hormones level is good to produce children to attract each man and that is why they are always ready to have sex. They do not have a headache, or toothache or whateverache they may have. Or! They may have but they are eager to have sex rather than a medical treatment.

That is why they used to think over about you as a good lover, about your ability to procreate. It is important for her due to maternal and reproductive instincts and what eros appeal.

And if you have a reputation of a good lover and your sexual experience is impressive you have all chances not to worry but to seduce your lady and enjoy your life together. Be confident and make her sure that you CAN. And you are ready ALWAYS.

How serious He is when say “I love You”.

Her ears need to hear good words. This is how you can feed her soul and heart. Good words should come from you and if you say “I Love You” – you have to be sincere, honest and confident. You have to take a responsibility via these three words, as women used to take it seriously and deeply. This is more than just words for them as they give the soil for their feelings.

Men consider actions are the best proof of their attitude to women, their attention and love, patience and care, everything they do shows directly how they love. Everything is simple, if a man doesn’t do, he doesn’t want, he doesn’t love.

But for a woman – it is better to underline each act and proceed by words. Her ears need to hear that. And that is why such words are more than important and that is not the same as “Today Is Friday. I’m On The Game” (about football, or he is done with his teeth or whatever). Its not the same for you, but with a direct message.

Never say “I Love You” as a filler phrase.

To cut a long story shot we understand thaat to guide a man with this artice is not a universal remedy and crubs are everywhere. The only RIGHT decision – communication and the dialogue betweet two people, discussion and sympathy, respect and honesty, patience.

The way out ot overcome her fear is talking therapy and understanding that it make take much time. But you will be pleased with the result.

Dissenters will reject this variant – may be its too long for them. But it is impossible to find the ideal person. Or the way of searching will take more time then just listening this only one lady next to you.

We can encourage you with the reward.

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