Nasty Russian Dating Site Ever

Interested in searching the other half on dating websites? We will show you those ones to ignore.

Indeed there is nothing bad in dating online, this is a kind of crafting to beloved person due to points of your profile. Besides you have a great chance for 100% match and successful future together!

People who do not like communication, crowdy places and social activities can be happy within modern computer technologies. They are able to register on dating website, post a profile and wait. What is more it is possible to get in thouch with several persons simultaneously having terrible time-table, working till night and no time for private life. It is possbile to find a wife there or a husband, a friends, a lover, everyone can enjoy his time there. Actually I know lots of couples who became spouses and live happily till now. Yes, dating online can be famous for long-term and stable relationships as well. However, I will distinguish several websites that I will not recommend you to use. Those are the places with obscene rules and terms, non-friendly interface the least. In spite of being famous they care bad reputation of scam and fraud issues. You won’t find love and romance there, sex – may be and your wallet to be empty as well.

Basically, it is important to aviod such dating bases to register and to give an access to your profile to be used by other scammers. May be my article will help you to make some considerations and will prevent you from having mistakes other people did.

Girls have fake profiles, they are not real.

I have been using online dating websites for about 5 years in Russa and Ukraine. Indeed I was nervous about victims of fraud I’ve read recently on one scam reports website. I really have doubts regarding hundreds of beautiful girls who are single, beautiful, smart – how come? How is it possible to be true?

Friends of mine are convinced in fact of fake profiles and fake pictures and all.. Actually I think its more than easy to put photo from other website or just download them from any sourse in the internet. And who knows if a speak with not a girl but a man..

I don’t understand why should I risk with a decent website, why should I pay money for what I do not know properly? My goal is to meet a girl, to come to her place and meet alive. We will talk and probably we will be together and I will take her to my place in Virginia.

I see that this website has an experience of more than 10 years that’s why I decided to try, in spite of all qossips and reports. So first of all I need to verify where is the truth, should I continue or should I leave and remove my profile immediately. I’m not desperate but I am about to be like that and sincerely hope someone specify or suggest anything regarding this matter. Thank you.

We appreciate your being honest with us and this is our goal to take and adjust all complains regading our services. Of course we uderstand your worries as to the single ladies being beautiful and smart in the same time. The more we have doubts with such a complex image in real life the less we believe that in dating website, right. However, we took all mistakes of the previous years of our scrupulous work in this sphere. Believe us, we do know that many free agencies may create female profiles using prohibited tricks and stealing the information from another websites. What is more, ladies can be registered on many different websites and hold a correspondence with many members accordingly. In our case we have special department that takes care about this matter: they verify all documents of a lady (we never give the comfirmation for the registration to those who do not have them), we check their marital status as well as social network profiles on the regular basis. We provide all ladies with professional photoshooting – that is why you like our photos so much and there is nothing to be paid fro them for ladies.

Taking into account the point of education, in Ukraine it is cheap enough to get people educated that is why our ladies are really smart, mature (family-oriented), they can find a job and they do not afraid to be independent. So what is the reason of being single? – you may ask. The answer is simple. Ukrainian men are pampered with women’s attention and each men used to have 8 beautiful ladies aroud him so if he does not like the first one – he takes a chance with the next one. Economic level of our country pushes people to survive, that is why it is really hard for our women to have a family, to have a good husband who will support without any risk to go away one day. We hope you will try our free membership and starting services to try if you like our website or not. And we will do our best in order to assist you to any point if necessary. With all our respect we hope that you reconsider yout idea about and be our valued member.


They take the money out from members and no hope for successful marriage.

My idea was to come to Ukraine and if I like – I must stay here!

But i’m afraid of scammers everywhere! Indeed I have a girlfriend here on the website and I have suspisious thoughts that she may be a scammer.

We have been communicating for 7 months already and I had intentions to come in Autumn to see Alesia. All preparations should be done properly and let me mention that I have bought Unlimited Package for sending letters to each other – that is why we could talk freely. I had some plans regarding presents for Alesia and her mother, then I needed some information about flights to Odessa. I was surprised when she first ignired this question in a letter and when I kindly reminded – she just postponed it, some other time.

I have bad feeling that someone is just taking my money from me. My sincerest purpose is to get to successful marriage but indeed now I have doubs about Alesia, her intentions, this website in general. It seems to me that no one wants to see mee and our meeting is just a virtual image.


Thank you for your case told us with the details. Indeed this can be more than serious on three reasons: 1) the mistake of the translator, as he dismissed such a serious fact; 2) a problem with the lady – you need to discuss this subject with her directly, probably you hurt her or she has any doubts regarding your arrival; 3) scam notice, a lady ignores your coming and prolongued the correspondence in such a way. So in order to help you properly and take all measurements we need the exact proof of her behaviour – screen of letters or abstracts or messages, date and time of texting. This is very serious issue, that is why we will appreciate if you could help us in this matter. If there is a mistake of the translator – we will investigate his work accordingly and will offer you to change the specialist who accomplish your letters. If there is a scam issue – our anti-scam department will investigate the case with this lady and if there is any profit for her and a reason to believe you, this lady will be removed from our system. But first of all we advise you to talk with the lady and ask her directly what is wrong with this point. May be she is very ecxited and nervous as to your arival and cannot believe it to be true or have lots of questions and is about to ask. Anyway, you should know that our trip managers are ready to assist you with all your trip questions as to accomodation, tickets, meeting and etc. Go ahead and contact our Member Support Center!


Very expensive.

Hey. I won’t pay for this. This is ridiculous.

From my point of you you have to, no, you must reconsider your prices. I am about to be poor man retired up to your ordinary services, but on no matter what reason costing bid sum of money. I don’t understand why should I pay for EACH phono, EACH song I want my girl to listent to. Should I pay for translaion if I can use online translator as well? I dont really mention about the letters. May be you should organize your website with monthly membership but not like that.


Sir, we are more than appreciate your point of view and of course it will be forwarded to our Head Department for consideration as you mentioned, we care about the level of our service and we are always opened for new ideas of our members. Actually we have some words as explanation for you to understand the pricing policy on our website.

First of all you should know that all our services for ladies are for free. They do not pay for registration, sending letters, photoshooting and etc.

Secondly, our professional stuff does the greatest job. Yes, traslation is a priority. Even if you use online translator, there is no guarantee that some language difficulties will not cause misunderstandings, believe us. We know many cases when they did. Afterwards you communication with the lady with forward to another direction or will end. That is why our translator makes his job when he translates a letter from lady to you and to a lady from you. Besides, if you use Unlimited package and send several letters, they will do that for you as well. We care about website media storage and our technical department fixes all errors on the website. Our branch and trip managers do a big job to assist you to coming to Ukraine and meeting arranging, they answer all questions you may ask via tickets or via phone/Skype.

Our video chat program needs checking and controlling, that is why we have programmers department to care about that. So as you see our stuff is numorous and their work must be paid. We care about the quality of our services.

Next thing we wanted to say, that we have lots of special offers and discounts for our valued members, we post them regularly on the main pages of the website. If you talk very often with your lady – you may but Unlimited Package which is cheaper. You can use free services for our fresh members and free test chat 5 days a week. Moreover, see your Personal Bonus on the Payment page – here you will gather all bonuses from previous purchases which is easy to use for the next one.

In a conclusion, our trip manager will calculate the most appropriate variant of your arrival (tickets booking, accomodation, dinner, flowers, interpreter, driver and etc.). If you have further questions please refer to our Members Support Center. We hope you will enjoy your membership with us!


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