7 facts about online Russian dating

Internet technologies gave influence on dating industry, it changed humanity and we see another way of development of communication. People became free to start talking, free to get acquainted, easy to start realtionship. However in a bid to search other half they are buffling with online dating websites. We aare ready to introduce you our analytic experience and propose you to have a look on a conclusion of our research. It is based on using the most powerful dating websites and famous mobile applications.

Please find 7 online dating facts below:

1. Usual attitude to online dating has been revolutionized so that Russian people consider it a nice way to find other half.

You see, the first time we investigated online dating activity in Russia we noticed doubt and distrust, and west culture influence rushed to local mentality so that impulse was extremely powerful. That was about 9 years ago.

Nowadays we can say that about more than a half of all single people use online services for meeting someone. Each third single man had ever tried online dating. Nearly 40% of single ladies in Russia confessed they are registered on numorous international dating websites. Thus a positive wave had appeared in all image of romantic relationship on a distance and great progress gave a push for local agencies to grow.

Of course, even today there are adherers of conservative dating and less than 20% used to think thatonline dating is for losers only. Indeed we could notice increasing the amount of those who find this way of communication compatible and friendly.

2. Age preferences have changed: users of online dating service today are under 20 and after 60.

If we take age category 18-25 in the end of 2012 our reports show only 8% of users but in 2015 this amount increased to 25%. And if we speak about 50-60 years old people, men still consider online dating to be rediculous in Russia but women feel the need to be registered more often in 2015, nearly 10%.

So what is the reason of such changes? Everything is more than simple: young people are more interested in gadgets and mobile apps that is why it is easier for them to became a member. We can notice the huge growth of mobile usage in 2014 from 7% to 25%.

3. 30% of members of dating websites could hardly date with someone from the website they communicate.

Actually many members used to just communicate or get in touch with people they are interested in but this is only a few of them who still are not sure in online romance.

Nowadays you cannot be a looser if you still are alone but a member of a dating website, you are among those people you are in need and in support so that you have million of friends who have the same problem. 70% prefer to get to online dating site or to use apps in 2015. Besides they did went to the date with a member of the dating site.

4. Members of online dating websites rarely can ask their friends for a favour, in particular, to help them with profile arranging.

Members sometimes appeal their friends to perform and eliminate the profile of dating website. We noticed about 18% to confess to help them to do that but more than 35% still feel discomfort and do not wish to disclose their recent activity. Female member for example asks her friends for a help much often, she thinks someone would find sincere and perfect words to describe her personality.

Male member is too shy.

5. Those how were members of dating websites a very long term were happy to uncover that they found their other half right there, it is about 3%.

We feel technologies era stepping on our life however still many pepole in spite of famous usage of modern gadgets prefer to start dating alive.

More than a half of Russian single people are convinced to find someone offline rather than online.

6. Young Russian ladies tend to find foreign man with a help of dating website, marry him and move abroad.

There is a tendency or mainstream – you may call it like that – two third parts of single ladies rushed to register on dating websites. And we distinguish 40% of those who are fresh to became in the age of 18! They are convinced dating undustry as a great chance to be happy in foreign marriage, 30% from this amount is dreaming of a fairy wedding with all that arragements like in American movies. 10% want to leave the country and find a good future somewhere abroad.

7. Actually dating online in Russia is a kind of a job position with a salary for girls and women.

23% of single girls and women with perfect appearence decided to get their money within online dating. They used to work as models and female members, got money for communication with men and never met them in real life, especially after discussing the date. Thus they earn money only and they do not want to change anything in their life.

It is really sad, as this stream influenced on general international scam problem all over the world.

12% of single women divorced or widowed still believe that online dating will help them to say a “good-bye” to their loneliness. With all their heart they keep communicating and investigating insatiably each new profile of every new single man of the website.

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