Dating websites are appealed to jump to it with fraud by AARP

Very unusual fact is that AARP ( is calling all online dating agencies to get united in struggle with fraud, however some time before this all such news have been ignored. If to be asked why it is so, we suppose many members became real fraud victims. We refer to How About We dating website and the business partner is Match, of course. This is probably one of the most powerful dating website nowadays.

Still it is interested if Match is aware about such approach with media involving.

Referring to the statistics of 2014, FBI elliminates more than 82 million of dollars being scammed from the people in USA.

All dating online rules come to the identical schemes: if you read articles about advices how to spend your day useful – to take shower and have your breakfast daily – you do that. But why not to read article not to give your money to strangers, – but still there is a part of singles who do that regularly in spite of hundreds of advices.

Still you are able to find million of sad stories about scammers who pretended to be good interlocutores on such dating websites even with good reputation.

Safety tips are to be developed all the time within dating websites who care about their members. They offer inception of rules, advices, scam solutions to takeover. However this experiences embarrassement still within implementation. That is why this topic is so popular during last 10 years.

Older folks need our helping hand within scam issues as they are the greatest part of people scammed most of all and they haven’t any notion how to preserve themselves being a dating website member. Besides according to the statistics – their prospensity to be involved into scam operation is the highest.

Let’s go back to our news: AARP Fraud watch Network primed the petition applying online dating representatives to develop their defensive system against scam attacks to keep their users.

And of course all people who would like to be involved in campaign is invited.

In particular what the Fraud Watch Network offers to do:

  • to improve the strategy of detecting suspicious signs scam artists use;
  • to indicate false profiles on dating websites;
  • to give a warn sign to users who contacted someone with suspicious profile;
  • to give specific advices how to prevent membership from scam.

Indeed this idea is a coppice thing as I cannot even dare if all dating websites will spend million of dollars to develop and implement the common system instead of defending their own hard experienced business separately.

But no man is wise at all times.

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