Dating scams attacks is equal to our endless state of hope

Online dating exploded effectively all around the world, said Rebecca N., the freelance writer of The Guardian. However she noticed out that we needed another chance to turn the point. Firstly – to figure out what makes us easy out.

She confessed and almost half of her friends or just well-known people have ever used dating apps and websites of huge popularity. Doesn’t matter, married or not, it’s just mainstream properly advertised among digital fancies.

People lie about their marriage or relationship status, children and etc.- all of this for taking part in a big game.

We face with men who are too much older than the profile photo of his interlocutor, a female who lies that she has not a child. And of course he is not married.

Everyone pretends to be in just for having couple of pictures in Instagram or Facebook being straightforward to convince friends about dating with someone. Drinking with someone. Going out with someone regularly. You go out for drink with someone you swiped right and boom – you going to marry this person and have a child in days. The rate of rapid relationships is high enough to warn people for considerable use of dating platforms.

In 2016 due to the program of Victoria Derbyshire over £39 million scam money of scammed victims were uncovered. Want a break down numbers? The fraud and cyber report center of United Kingdom disclosed over 350 scam crimes per month. And this is the number according to the reports they receive regularly. Can you imagine how many people are still hesitate to confess or being too upset and ashamed with their online dating affair?

Cock-and-bull stories, ventures, the greatest ability of desirable storytelling demonstrate how weak human is. Regular trust desire makes the fate.

Standard cases extended to non-standard and some were close to fatal gangster movie when transferring money from one country to another a scammer “pleased” his victim to take back his debt into the third country, involving extraordinary adventurous, other people figuring out the money deposits and emotional state which is to be renovated carefully and hard thereafter.

Rebecca N. mentioned her friend to be a sudden victim of scam story with tangible contribution for a bargain journey. And sure everything had disappeared after transferring the amount. There wasn’t any doubt in their legitimate base, no potential issues to cause any warning. However effective experience appeared, to blame one side only. At least no one forced to send money supply.

We call it online fiction. And since potential victims would will to be a part of it, scam would be endless. Still you should remember that hope and loneliness are main factors to turn you into scam victim with sophisticated taste to fiction. In case you tell someone your favourite movie be ready to interfer some scenes into your secret life. Instinctive behavior is the first thing people do, they act with no free minute to think over. They act and then think, that is the reason of all virtual crimes.

We apply you to watch documentary film Catfish with related cases to establish suspiciousness. How to notice out details, calls, conversations, phrases.

The main aspect that is powerful and effective is positiveness, real happiness, desired for so long. Women want to read or to hear artificial but sweet words, men want to wait and expect passion wives. Actors can do that and trick people involving them into deep emotional state. And some cases were uncovered and when criminals were judged, their victims came with picket to the court. They confessed that there were terrible to accept desperate financial state however there is nothing more upset than losing a hope.

Scam is destructive for humans, this turns not to virtual state but stealing stable emotional state, sense of reality. People accept losing their savings for keeping their hope, their alternative truth to face any life issue, such an unbreakable power they keep for centuries.

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