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Guide to Food and Dating by UaDreams

Most probably people created holidays to gather all members of family who live far from each other, to talk, to have a good time finally. Everyday life does gives less opportunity to do this, we are busy with our duties. Thus the menkind decided to involve a food festivals and combined them with gatherings. We mean that food matters a lot in our life. We cannot imagine our existence without it, thus it is important to share your food with someone. If you want to make turn someone to your side – give him a food, if you want to have a man by your side – give him a food, a delicious food, be exact. Hence, is there any connection between relationship with men and women and their food preferences? Let’s come close to this question.

In order to see the very best result we decided to get deeper into dating romance with our food point. Therefore, over three million of singles agreed for interview. Besides we investigated over 200 000 000 introduction letters in dating profiles, obviously containing any food mentioning. This must be done for revealing any specific changes with the incoming messages, increasing or reducing the amount if a member speaks about food and uses words with food meaning. Over 600 men and women expressed their points of view about food preferences and impact on dating activity. Thus, you may read below the useful information together with some tips what to expect in 2018 for special food mentioning on a dating website, a few dating food advices and some fun as well.


Indeed the first and the foremost idea is to perceive the importance of a food we eat. we reflect our food and preferences, so it is vital to be careful with choice. So, speaking about dating online, people interact closer if they discuss food topics, products, ingredients and share their food concerns. This way helps them to find their perfect match. That’s a good idea: if you have someone to share a kitchen with, you may have someone to share a life, right? Besides, a well-fed person is a happy person! Food mentioning acquires a positive effect to communication on a distance or even to the first date: common food preferences or even differences will cause various talks and discussions, thus a couple will never be bored. What is more, exotic food restaurants will definitely be something unusual offering a specific usage of stick or fork, or special devices for seafood.

Find some interesting dating food tips below.

Daters can forgive any fest to be invited to for meal except Thanksgiving Day

Referring to the dating statistics, 52% cannot live without the Thanksgiving Day food. It is impossible for them to imagine another holiday, another food at home or restaurant. As to the 35% of daters, they adore Christmas delicious food and 10% prefers Easter very much. Here below is the list of favourable food for each popular holiday

Favourite Holidays and Food Preferences

Favourite Meal for Holidays
Thanksgiving Day 52%
Christmas 35%
4th of July 22%
Easter 10%

If you like food, you are more beautiful in somebody’s eyes

If you lack of variety of topics for conversation with a partner on dating website, it is better to start with something appetizing to discuss. Food talks initiate more dialogs and increase the number of incoming messages. Such reaction proofs that people are not indifferent to any food preferences. Such concrete words as chicken or fish, pasta, suchi or fondue, fruits or vegetables will engaged in conversations. Then the categories come with the way of cooking: stewed, fried, grilled, boiled, and others. Thus, stewed or grilled fish will attract more users to your profile instead of fried chicken or potato. Healthy food wins today. See the tables below.

Good results of food mentioning in dating profiles

food letters increasing
burgers 98%
chicken 95%
coffee 91%
soup 81%
grilled fish 70%
vegetables 69%
croissants 67%

Worst results of food mentioning in dating profiles

food letters increasing
potatoe -65%
fried meat -23%

Daters include protein as one of the most important part of healthy food in dating conversations as well. Actually, this subject is the most disputable one today and food containing protein is very often mentioned. Below you may observe the most popular healthy food for dating.

Protein 40%
Fruits 37%
Vegetables 19%

Foodies catch others easily with their passion to food

Foodies talk about product, about process of preparing food and they care about that means to be a well-bred. Nowadays a “foodie” word is found in 79% profiles of dating websites whereas “prepare food” or “cook” shows 20% of engagement. As you see, it is easy to manage with your meal, but it is more difficult to cook. At least there are a few people who love to cook more than eat. That’s good!

Have a date more interesting with food

Analyzing the food impact to incoming messages we cannot pass through the first date as well. It is not recommended to speak about food more than about the interlocutor, thus you will have risk to lose the conversation line. Food must be a part of other interests of your partner, thus you have to be careful listener to avoid any misunderstandings for the first date in real life. It is better to know beforehand if it is necessary to speak about meat or vegetables, to find out if to stay fit is more important than to have fun with some fast food dishes. Thus, “grape” or “banana” words would be appropriate instead of fried potato.

Don’t forget about vegetarians

Two years ago the situation with vegetarians have been stressful for this category of people. Commercial stigma spread all over the world, and people neglected those who ate only fruits and vegetables. Hence, at the beginning of 2015 vegetarians received less incoming messages if they mention about their food preferences whereas in the end of 2017 we see the opposite situation. Daters noticed 53% of increasing incoming messages for vegetarian way of live and 58% for mentioning vegan requirements. Put it on notice.

Fast food is chosen by men

Women try to ignore fast food invitations for the first date. However they never blame men who invited them. Probably they had no alternative idea as an option. According to statistics, 61% of women do not like this idea and 19% of men as well. Apart from that, 13% of female daters do not recommend to use this idea at all. Negative attitude is explained by the cheap products, various menu and quick services at fast food restaurants. Unless such food is not healthy, it is easy to get it, thus men do not like complications and chose this variant for enjoying their time. Getting back to our question, 22% of women agree to join and 47% of men definitely accept the invitation. Supposedly this is easier than to walk down the street. However, we hope the situation will change soon.

We recommend you to discuss this question with a partner before visiting any place to make a date in the most comfortable way for both parties.

Super Hellish Kitchen International Show

Several years of this show women from different countries as well as in Ukraine developed their cooking skills to pamper men. Well, yes. Ukrainian women used to prepare food very well, daters marked. Even if you communicate with Ukrainian woman you may speak about cooking process easily, she will be pleased to talk about. The Hellish Kitchen show may help you, and even if your lady has no idea about it, she would not mind you to talk about. Of course, the level of incoming messages rose very fast. Keep each other informed about preferences – this is the best advice.

Choose seafood for your first date

One cannot bear with seafood smell. Obviously you shouldn’t invite your partner to such place. Besides, you must find out beforehand to avoid misunderstandings. Anyway, seafood restaurants are the most popular in the world to have a nice romantic date according to the Uadreams dating data. This agency cares about the level of services for their members, thus they checked all popular places in big cities of branches they have. So they definitely sure seafood places as the perfect choice for a date. If you want to pamper a woman, feed her with something she does not cook at home. Seafood products are complex and served with various additions interesting to uncover and use flatware. You will have amazing dinner with eating something tasty and discussing new food for both of you. Thus, 17% of daters would let their stomach to try this out, instead, 16% would take a good steak.

Apart from that, men definitely will be happy with steak instead of everything. Keep this in mind, women. Millennials adore experiments with Asian food, they used to be bored with European one.

Be warned with buffalo wings and ribs

Such elements are complicated to eat on a first date. Unless a man would enjoy, a woman will be confused. That is why daters recommend to postpone such event when you know a person better. Who knows what reaction may happen if a person tries something unusual or heavy for a stomach.

Strawberries with cream is a stigma

By all means 15% will choose a dessert for their first date, strawberries with cream or better ice-cream, probably adding a chocolate as well. 17% liked fruits and 21% cannot live without brauni and donuts.

Probably, desserts is the best way to enjoy your first date if you hesitate what food to choose. Women do no mind, even if they keep a diet there are many places with special diet ingredients with no calories.

Dating websites, like Uadreams advice to combine a good conversation with a good food. It is better to rely on verified sources and high level of service. Although it is difficult to choose and you do not know what to start with, ask your manager about the best place to recommend. This will save your time and help to make your dinner with your partner a good tradition.

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