1. Scott

    uadreams is a knowledge field for men seeking an alternative to Western feminist-minded girls. And with that in mind, I thank you for your review.

  2. Chris

    The loyalty of Eastern European ladies compared with their Western counterparts. But, be careful when generalising. There are always exceptions to every rule.

  3. Michael

    Somebody can say: “Eastern women prefer guys from their own countries”. I agree, women can actually find someone in their own country who fits the bill of what they are looking for.

  4. Philippe

    I asked one woman why she was looking for a foreign man on uadreams, she told me that she wasn’t especially looking for a foreign man, it was just that all the good Ukrainian men were already spoken for.
    Each of women deserves has own view … there are many reasons why so many International couples / families are in the world.

  5. Deutz

    Some minor or big scam events before… uadreams
    I have tried different sites to find a woman from Russia or Western Europe, but my luck failed me over and over again. I received really stupid messages from beautiful grls’ on photos but I quickly understood that all those messages were pre-written long-long ago and are automatically sent to everyone only to hook and involve in some minor or big scam. When I registered in uadreams I thought it to be another site among hundreds alike, besides being somewhat expensive but was pleasantly surprised. uadreams.com are expensive for me, the web chat works well although expensive, but I can really see that those girls are real and they are in Ukraine! And, oh, they are so beautiful! I write to couple of nice girls now and they want me to come and meet them. It looks like ua dreams agency helps men to travel to theirs country, I received some great advices and recommendations from their staff and I think soon I will see Ukraine with my own eyes and my female pen-friends in flesh. Who knows, maybe we will like each other enough to become something more… Time will tell 😉

  6. Steve

    all dating sites (uadreams is not an exception) like social networks that put themselves between you and a so called girl are a scam as that “woman” doesn’t exist, or if she does, is probably not interested in you, only your money!

  7. Ricardo

    Don’t let fool you! Stop waste you money on those scam marriage agencies, your heart will be broken.
    Remember – matchmaking service, its not the same like 7-10 years ago.
    Nowadays all is about mafia and making money and run for eating your money.

    There are NONE honesty dating agency, stop fooling yourself!

  8. Christian

    Here is what you will experience. You will correspond with many beautiful girls. Some will even video chat with you. And after they become disinterested in you even if they were messaging with you just the day before, they start slowly fading away…

  9. David

    all profiles on dating sites have the same information, like copy to copy.
    Just make a profile without pictures of any information of you, even so less than 14 days, you’ll receive 50+ letters from different women.

  10. Jac

    Hey you, scam lovers, I must confess that you won’t find scam girls here. I mean nowadays men are too much attentive with eliminating fraud cases. For example I can recognize scam letter as a first letter from girl to me. I can see word clichés and emotional phrases that would take my attention. It’s a kind of sample that warns me)) Like I met my queen from the first letter and became her darling )). But I was surprised here in UaDreams about how girls write their letters, they are interesting, vivid with some language mistakes but no money notice – strange but that’s it. I kept corresponding with 2 girls, and after a year I visited Rovno and afterwards Ivanofrankovsk (I hope I was correct in city names). I am happy with proper meetings as no one wanted money from me – I was really worry about girls and their requests to help them with some dollars.
    I know that no one is 100% sure about safety, scammers are everywhere in Ukraine and Russia. Be careful with that. Read your messages carefully and chose the proper agency to get services as I do not believe in free services any more.

  11. Frupt Y

    I ‘ve been searching for the website like this for years! Actually I confess that I was a member of several websites at the same time however I needed to compare what is better. Indeed I was deeply appreciate by the good policy and loyalty of Uadreams. Sincerest people in support – they helped me much all the time when I was confused with my technical chat issues. Thank you!

  12. T. J.

    My best congratulations to yout agency to have such perfect ladies with their beauty. I am pleased with such a quantity of young single ladies and probably still I have doubts why they are still single. So Im trying to communicate as mush as possible to understand if Im good in it and if my gfs are real.
    Besides I like my Android to chat within Uadreams, from the very start I had some problems but great team troubleshooted the error and now I can use the program freely. Sometimes I have my letters broken with decorations but may be because I like to write too much hehee) My suggestion is to offer more themes for decoration, its too poor for chosing. Thanks. T J

  13. Rob

    Guys! Im tired of your payment system. I want paypal or webmoney. Your deal is completely uncomfortable.

  14. Stuart

    UaDreams.com is my first experience and I hope it’ll be the last one. At first I communicated with only one lady because I wanted to understand if this site was really so good and their ladies were not fake. But at the moment I talk with several ladies because I am convinced in their reality. Besides having a choice is always better than not having it. I don’t want to be left with nothing when I come to visit my ladies in Ukraine. I plan a trip in the fall 2016 and believe I will not stay single in the very near future.

  15. Jean R

    You know I got registered to Uadreams to obtain wonderful service. And as all of you can see they are proud of their website design, it worth for. But my point is rather suspicious than admirable. I still cannot understand why almost all of girls look like models from top magazines. I talked to some of them just for instance, not in particular, and I felt that they are interested in involving me fully into this system. It was like luring me into it. So was disappointed and left the website. Instead I discovered vkontakte service for dating for free and guess what – I found my sweet girl, of of those I was communicated on Uadreams. But she refused to continue our communication and our conversation was really rude, her attitude had changed and she changed the direction of her purposes when both of us were on the opposite side of the board!

    • X.T.

      Well, Jean, you have the situation similar to mine, I saw the profile of my Alla in vk and almost with the same series of the photos. Anyway when I proposed to contact here freely she stopped discussing this at all and offered to go back to Uadreams as she cannot be here with me as I do not know Russian and she doesn’t know English fluently.
      I cannot understand and catch the very moment when girls a wonderful and tender features turn into rude and mean women to count my money and estimate our relation status only by social position. Girls manipulations tigger provocative actions like leaving the website and searching the same profiles outside of the platform, I mean on free basis.

  16. Jam

    I agree that girls on Uadreams work on them, they are models and one of them whom I found in fb told me that she was working as a top model of one model agency. Models have primary rate in all social networks and they have no need in such paid dating agencies. This point is shadow for me.

    • UA scams

      You see, social networks are to be used with various purposes, one part used to have them for getting in touch with relatives, friends, fellows, the other part – just for having new contacts in different spheres of life, some other people use such portals for music listening or specific information from groups obtaining, watching movies or language studies. Thus, you may be sure that if you have only one profile in UaDreams, you are prohibited to be somewhere else. The big difference is not prohibited but recommended not to be due to certain reasons, including sex-tourism, maniacs and strangers with advertently aims. Many men offer to marry, to be a lover, but being already married. This is the most suspicious thing you can make – build your life within such free social platform, this is dangerous.
      But. Every person if free for doing that and no one can force them not to do that. All ladies are offered to reconsider having their profiles outside UaDreams.com.

  17. Eric

    I am a member of Uadreams for 5 months and I can see that this website is a sincere place with people I can trust to and I see it is very popular among respectable, adult, serious and humble men who intend to find their love through the internet. So do I:)

  18. Portan Bell

    Fashion industry gives plenty of opportunities to find a good job, so why they go to dating industry then? The business scheme UADreams has of a pulling money out of their clients.

  19. Jean R

    My final and exclusive statement that women models look not for love but to some adventures and money of course)…

  20. UA scams

    There are many cases when men abuse women offering them to leave the agency and to crash out. They do not give any promises of course, no guarantees, no security for women. This is unfair. Long lasting relationship should be build up on a platform of all mentioned above pieces and guarantees. Indeed such short starts turns into two-three letters talk and nothing special but misunderstandings based on language problems online translator cannot solve.
    And this apply is not just a simple words, but a conclusion we made referring to various complaints received from female members. They are abused, ignored in vk or fb. But they will never be hurt with UaDreams system.

  21. Hoshya

    Guys, I am more that grateful with your messages and advices about being a member! Of course I wish I could have such a wife, a model. But.. sounds non realistic.. a kind of a play with perfect performance.

    • UA scams

      Sure Ukrainian women search for well-grounded , prosperous men in Uadreams. So what are you going to hear? Are they agree just for one poor man who cannot support his future family? If a woman is educated, smart and beautiful it is better for spouses to match to each other. And this is true: Ukrainian women look like models but this is their natural beauty, they do not spend all their monies in spa-salons, this is a national pride and we emphasize the real beauty existence. Check this out with video chat and see your girl in real life. Even if you ask her to send you some private photos without makeup – you will be surprised and not confused with no complete difference of appearance. This is a way of life in Ukraine, being a teacher in school, or bank assistant, woman keep her beauty and wears it in her perfect way.

  22. Northon

    ))) Scam. No chances. I am asking to marry my girl and she refuses to answer right now!..
    She says we need time, she needs to know me better and I need to know her. Nonsense! If we want to marry, we shouldn’t waste our time then!
    I do not want to waste my time with sending hundreds of messages, letters and all that staff bla bla.. Hundreds of dollars. Or more!

    • UA scams

      How many happy-endings do you know from the first letter with a proposal to marry?
      Was is with a good, stable and many-ages result? Are spouses satisfied with their quick match and their snap decision? You’d better be patient and give your relationship a chance to be build from nothing instead of build a sand castles.

      Actually I know that inadvertently women try to save their time and use some profiles instead of one, of course there are ladies who do not care about attitude and are keen on the result. Such process causes many misunderstandings and ruin the reputation of the service. Scam cases if you mean they are placed in Uadreams if transpired – properly investigated and there are no chances for beautiful scammers here.

  23. Jeorge

    Some international dating sites like EM makes their pricing ridiculous. I see Uadreams do that as well: I’ve been a member of this site for half a year and its already hundreds of dollars spent on fraud sites like Uad and EM! For instance, they mention that you pay 6,99 dollars per one letter, what is that? Should I spend 13.98 for two letters? That is for two letters only! Can you imagine! And hereafter one lady gives me a good bye like she said “I am not interested any more” or “It seems to me we do not have anything in common” or “I think you are not a person of mine and bla bla”..

    • St.Paul

      Jeorge, I know that usually you got your money experience just for your ignorance, lack of dating sphere education. You just cannot sit and spend couple of minutes to read and estimate rates and terms and conditions of each dating site. You see, some sites like EModels can ask you for one-paid fee for your membership and sites like Uadreams have free registration but you pay for each separate service to communicate. It’s up to you, mehn! You can save your money ny your brain. You can be carried away by temptation or think twice while waiting for the right decision and, probably, time would play a serious role in your life and in your pocket.

      • NancyDad

        St.Paul, what the level of fraud is! Still I cannot see any particular chance to be heard. It’s impossible to pay fee for each separate letter to a woman! It’s just one unit, one message and you have to give $7! Why there is no possibility to pay lots of money once, to get personal contact of a girl and talk to her to the end of days or whatever. They just would not care what we are and how we talk. This is our personal point!

  24. Monnie

    My experience wasn’t really bad. I mean in general. I’ve tried 8-10 or so dating sites (they grow extremely fast you know) and sometimes it is difficult to make a decision where to stay. Every web platform nowadays is really good, moderated by programmers or created on some free product. And everything is so bright colorful and easy that you cannot even disturb yourself with thinking about scam on-line. All they need its just our time to think, but how can you think is this toy is so marvelous and splendid, you cannot stop playing it)

  25. Tulip

    Monnie, my agree to you. I must confess that I might have used excessively dating services for not only entertainment but practicing of communication. However I faced with scam almost every day using several sites simultaneously. Each dating site seems to screams scam!

  26. Boss_like_a_Boss

    Safety ranking? Not easy to undermine to inherent policy of each stable company. You have to believe what they say but its hard to give the lie in their throat. What a bizarre methods to earn monies, push women to do that or do that by themselves or hire men from third world countries like Nigeria or Ukraine to help them to extract money from foreign men.

  27. NancyDad

    Having legitimate agencies they are about to permiss visa fraud for men and women to scam each other. Guys, my guess is like I consider this a special space where general scam is happening and it’s about you to decide to join the crowd of Bacchanalia or team of swindlers for making your own profit..

  28. Gunnow

    Hm. It’s rather simple, men. By all their business approach, I mean Anastasia or Helena Models or UAdreams they don’t want you to learn the fraud, never. You would beat your head by the same tricks, you would step in the same water, you would spend your money until they over, again and again they would play your feelings, take you sincerest wish to get rid of loneliness and would deceive you till the end. I mean till your temptation gets over, then you make send reports to police and all. But no guarantee that you have something from this deal.

  29. Boss_like_a_Boss

    Russian sites are really notoriously rife with fraud, all profiles are fake and there is no hope you would talk to a real woman.

  30. St.Paul

    NancyDad, Gunnow,
    No one is pushing you to pay right now. No one is taking your finger to press the button and to type in your credit card number. The only important thing is to keep your curiosity. You have questions and you MUST find the answers. If I want to get some knowledge and to educate myself, I would do. Like Uadreams, I rushed to be a member there because they give a chance to start for free, I’ve read many reviews about Uadreams is a complete fraud and many suffered men ex-members were telling about their unsimple destiny. But what is the guarantee that someone paid money for that disgusting reviews? Or some unfair agencies who care about their place on the market?

    I had my chance to join for FREE. And I got bonuses: photo credit, email credit and some minutes to try video chat with REAL lady, to try this out, how it works. And it works! I’m not their avocate, probably, I’m just a lucky man. Or the one who gives you some specific advices.

  31. Don22

    Such messages’re not a scam shots. I wasn’t sure if it’s good to be a member of online agency like Elena Models, but I got my girls there and we are dating till now. So cross your fingers. And find your ones in Uadreams or Elenas or Anasasia date websites, they don’t seem too bad for me. At least if I don’t want to pay, they do not charge me without my permission haha)) And I really like the translation of my letters via UAD, I see that no detail has been missed!

  32. Xristophore

    Let me put a few words here about St.Paul, as it seems to me he scams out there. Gunnow, man, you are quite right! I agree with you. I must admit that if after couple of letters girl rejects my interest thats a complete scam! Anastasiadate and Uadreams women usually express their interest with the abnormal initiative.
    Like Russianbrides website you send letters to girls but they have never been read. Instead your mailbox is full of incoming messages from girls who are of a great interest of yours even if I have a few info about myself. Then I tried to chat for awhile but the girl I was talking to was not deeply glad to see me and talk to me, i was like she forced herself to do that, a kind of a job you know. Besides I thought that was free video chat, couple of minuted but they charged me around $20 of NZeland dollars. I send message about a scam but no respond. So tell me if that makes any sense about dating online. Does it?

  33. DarLing

    I know that some sites charge you when you read each incoming letter to your mailbox (of your member account), but as I noticed, the frequency of incoming letters is so high that you can spend almost hundreds of usa dollars each two weeks! Those fake women attack your profile as quick as they can. And when I tried to tell them that their messages sounded like a complete scam, our conversation stopped immediately and the girl disappears from my horizon:) Any certain attempt to avoid some scam issues continues with interruption of a manager of someone who is interested in making money, I was offered another girl instead. No one was explaining was really were happening there, what schemes do i suffer under.

  34. Alex

    don22, I respect you and those who finally got their positive feedback in global dating search. But indeed I do not earn too much, I’m only 35, and my business is on the stage of growing, therefore I simply do not understand the position of each Russian or Ukrainian woman who thinks that her man MUST earn money for the whole family and to keep a family by his own only! I want to find wealthy lady who is independent enough, adult and mature and who will be happy just to share our common life with intentions and common income within two jobs of ours. Financially, each single woman can dream about 55 aged mad, rich and wealthy, who does cares about his first family and probably he doesn’t want children anymore. But this is the most frequent chance for scam women of eastern europe to move abroad asap!

  35. don22

    I must confess I agree with a part of words you’ve said, Alex, besides I adore such sense of humour like you expressed

  36. Alex

    don22, that’s a pity. everyone does understand the loneliness and the trap they come over this dating tricks. If you trust the third party but then it appears that its known to be a scam, you do not even try one more time. But as see, many men still, they been there..

  37. don22

    I monitore some dating sites work, like Uadreams.com, for instance they are opened in Facebook and managers try their best to answer my messages (i have a plenty of them) asap. Still i communicate with one woman there and I like the way it is going so may me i’ll keep you updated about our relationships. Who knows maybe my story will encourage someone to keep the contact with your woman.
    Probably some agencies try to exacerbate the dating market with different approaches of earning money. They have staff to respond the letters instead of girls or hire girls who work for them. But I believe that it’s impossible to work more than 11 years like Uadreams, still they are on the market just because thousands of members do not lose their hope. I can say that if I want I can phone them via skype – staff replies immediately, if message them via support center – I get reply within 24 hours. I like their site platform, good design and carefully supported by technicians, they fix some errors I noticed. That was pleasant for me, they were thankful for a feedback, and I was granted 7 video chat minutes as bonus. I like these guys as we have a dialogue with them, we have a contact with one manager Kate, she’s amazing, she is trying to get any particular info about flowers to send, how to deliver packages to my girl’s home. I postponed my video chat session and she forwarded my request to my girl, so we did not waste our time that day and met the next day. So i just feel that great assitance for now. I see that I have a good job for the money I pay.

  38. Max

    https://www.uadreams.com/shop Wait. What shop do they mean? Actually uadreams shop confused me with shop meaning, and as I appeared this website is not a regular internet shop but just one of the international agencies that offer dating services. And among, they have an average shop with high pricing for me. But maybe you may find something for you if you buy things in Ukraine for you, for your friend, just for visit and etc. Shop is for girls pleasure, to make them happy in case you are far from her and to cut the distance is to show her your attention even from 100o km from each other. So if you are interested, just have a look on this page.

  39. Lars

    Men, don’t go mad with scam girls on next dating site you are a new member! Your fate is all yours and no one does ruin you instead of you. Suddenly I faced with careful tips for those who want to get rid of scam girls http://uadreams-scams.com/scam-girls-in-uadreams/ , best advices how to detect scammers and how to find real mail-order bride. Someone can be in serious relationship, others can become a scam victim. So probably you need careful words to eliminate online dating picture with non-fake profiles, personalities and non-stolen photos. Turn on your reading filter and try to analyse the information but not just keep your emotions high.

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